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E-Depositions LLC was established with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer support, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the field of litigation. In the current legal landscape, the integration of technology into discovery, trial preparation, and trial support is not just beneficial, but essential. At the forefront of technological advancement, E-Depositions stands as a pivotal player in empowering attorneys to work more effectively and economically. Our clients have consistently outpaced their competitors by incorporating our tech-driven solutions into their practices, offering more comprehensive services while simultaneously reducing costs and saving time for their clients.

As traditional court reporting gradually phases out of the market, the demand for a modern, technology-based alternative becomes ever more pressing. E-Depositions LLC is at the vanguard of this transition, steering the litigation support industry towards a more efficient future. In an era where direct, in-person interactions in various legal processes are increasingly rare, the adoption of technology is not just beneficial – it’s imperative.

We invite you to contact E-Depositions today to explore how we can assist you and your firm in conserving time, money, and resources, ultimately achieving the best possible outcomes for your clients with our innovative solutions.

Our Service

We cover the entire State of Nevada with Pioneering Technology in Pre-Trial Depositions!


Bring life to the official record of deposition by utilizing state-of-the-art recording technology.


Improve engagement with the jury by implementing our efficient technology in the courtroom.

Jury Selection Support

Optimize who is sitting on your jury. Discover their biases and how you can use that in your favor.

Focus Groups and Mock Trials

Gain confidence in your trial preparation. People often interpret facts and words differently than you would expect.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We do our best to help our client achieve their goals!

"I'm a legal secretary and I like E-Depositions services a lot more than court reporters. Sally does an amazing job. Our firm doesn't use anyone to do our depositions other then E-Depositions. I recommend them everyone, you won't regret it!"


"Great Customer service and product. E-Depositions is finally bringing change to litigation support that has been needed for years. We highly recommend them."

M. Scott Properties, Inc.

"E-Depositions is very professional and is providing a service that is cost effective and most importantly here to stay."

Anna, Advanced Certified Paralegal

Our Team

As always, partners grows with you!

Mark Ivey

Mark Ivey


Sally Fletcher

Sally Fletcher

President of Operations

Jason Sanderson

Jason Sanderson

President of Customer Relations/Founder

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