Deposition Recording


Deposition Recording

Revolutionizing Depositions: Digital, Accurate, and Efficient

E-Depositions is the foremost leader in recording video conference depositions during COVID-19*

In June 2013, E-Depositions pioneered the shift from traditional stenography by recording our first non-stenographic deposition. Since then, we have successfully recorded thousands of depositions, establishing ourselves as a leader in what is now recognized as digital deposition technology.

This modern approach to depositions, where the audio and video recording serve as the official record, offers a distinct advantage. Transcripts are generated from these recordings as a supplementary tool, synchronized with the audio and video for enhanced clarity. This method captures more than just words; it encompasses non-verbal cues, tone, emotion, and other human elements that are absent in stenographic records.

Adhering strictly to NRCP 28-30 (FRCP 30) guidelines, E-Depositions’ process has been endorsed by Discovery Commissioners, Judges, and the Nevada Legislature. We employ triple video redundancies and quadruple audio redundancies to guarantee an accurate recording of testimonies.

Our efficiency is also evident in our turnaround times. We offer a synced video with comprehensive and condensed transcripts within just 7-10 business days, at a cost saving of over 50% compared to traditional court reporter and videographer systems. This innovative approach not only saves time and money but also enriches the quality of legal records by capturing the full spectrum of human communication.

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