Focus Groups and Mock Trials


Gain confidence in your trial preparation. People often interpret facts and words differently than you would expects

Engage in insightful discussions and simulated legal proceedings by participating in our well-designed focus groups and mock trials. Our aim is to provide you with an interactive platform where you can contribute your opinions and play an active role in shaping the discourse

Focus groups are an essential tool in our scientific approach to trail preparation. Real people from the trial venue tell you how they:

    • interpret your facts;
    • inject their own biases into their interpretation; and
    • blend their biases and your facts to persuade fellow jurors to see things their way;
    • . . . and this can be good or terrible for you!

Time and again, we have seen case facts and juror attitudes that, when mixed together, just don’t make sense – “common” sense. For instance:

    • People with family members in law enforcement believe that police witnesses will lie to cover each other (common sense says family members would believe cops);
    • A live video proving surgery was botched was rejected as “too real” (common sense would say this evidence would be cherished by a jury)
    • Spouses, friends, and employees of the defendant company HATING the very company that puts food on their table;
    • Spouses, friends, and employees of the defendant company LOVING the very company that puts food on their table;

Focus Groups tell us the “Why’s” for all of these fly-in-the-face-of-common sense examples.

Focus Groups remind us that every case is different and nothing can be taken for granted.

Learn the human factors, attitudes, beliefs, ideals, perceptions, and opinions towards the issues in your case. Understand the style of the jurors’ thinking and the conclusions they may reach because of that style.

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